Cancer Rip Off Book Review

Cancer Rip-Off
We Are Victims of Mass Marketing

Max Sturman (Do It Naturally Foundation, 2010, 226 pages.)

Book Review by Dennis Moore

Max Sturman, who started the “Do It Naturally Foundation” because of his concern for the children of our country, especially obese children, has written a provocative book about health and nutrition, as it relates to the causes and prevention of Cancer, “Cancer Rip-Off.” He states in “Cancer Rip-Off” right away, that countries like Japan and China seem to have a better grip on the situation than we in the United States. If ever there was a case of “We are What we Eat,” that might explain why the United States is tied for 29th-31st place among developed nations in life expectancy, while Japan is 1st, in Sturman’s hypothesis.

Check out this great book review on the SDWriteWay website on their book review page:

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Cancer Rip-Off

Look for my new book “Cancer Rip-Off” to be released later this year. It tells the true story behind the search for the cure for cancer. Before you donate more money to cancer charities, find out the truth!

Learn about simple ways to stay healthy and maybe even prevent cancer as well as other diseases through a simple, natural lifestyle.

Be healthy!

Max Sturman
author of No Sugar No Flour Will Give Me the Power and You Are What You Eat Dude.

If you’d like to purchase a copy of Cancer Rip-Off, contact Max at or send a check for $20 to Do It Naturally Foundation, 5236 Cole St., San Diego, CA 92117.

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